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Although we have been encouraged to use puppy sale contracts, we think it is a better idea to set out our commitments to and expectations of our puppy buyers. We hope that by investing our trust and offering our support we will develop excellent relations to facilitate the welfare of our puppies. Please bear with me through any technicalities.

Emerald Park Border Collies will be referred to as the Breeder.

New puppy families will be referred to as the Buyer.

Transfer of Ownership:

Ownership of the puppy shall pass to the Buyer only when the following has occurred:


  1. The balance of the purchase price has been paid (and cleared) to the Breeder; and

  2. Completion of collection/delivery of the puppy has occurred and physical possession and control of the puppy is in the hands of the Buyer.

At all times after the ownership of the puppy passing to the Buyer, all right, title and interest the puppy, including but not limited to, the right to make decisions in relation to the care and welfare of the puppy, shall pass to the Buyer.

** Direct deposit payments must be cleared prior to collection/delivery of puppy. Please allow 3 working days.**


Warranties by the Buyer:


Reporting Defects to the Breeder:


The Buyer warrants that they will report any defects, illness or any other concerns in relation to the puppy at any time during the lifetime of the puppy to the Breeder. The purpose of this is to enable the Breeder to keep accurate records in relation to the health of the dogs bred by the Breeder. 


Care of the Puppy:


  • The Buyer agrees to take care of the puppy in accordance with any instructions given by the Breeder and in accordance with good management.


  • The Buyer agrees to be responsible for the provision of adequate accommodation, fencing, socialisation, feeding, exercise, diet, upkeep, care and veterinary expenses of the puppy together with any medicines/vaccinations as and when required.  


  • The Buyer agrees to register the puppy and keep current such registration in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the puppy resides.


  • The Buyer agrees to keep the puppy at an appropriate lean weight as advised by their veterinarian in order to assist in the soundness and longevity of the puppy. The Breeder advises that the puppy being overweight is a causal/contributing factor to Hip and Elbow Dysplasia.  There are other factors such as genetics, exercise, injury and diet involved and the Buyer agrees to follow guidelines regarding exercise and diet as detailed by the Breeder.


  • The Buyer acknowledges that the Breeder has advised that they should discuss with their veterinarian the benefits of taking out pet insurance for the puppy to cover accidents, injury and illnesses. The Breeder does not make specific recommendations as to which companies and policies are best suited to the Buyer and suggests that the Buyer seek such recommendations from their veterinarian or a suitably qualified professional.


  • The Buyer agrees to supply the Breeder with updates on the puppy’s progress twice a week for the first 4 weeks after collection/delivery. Reports may be made by phone, SMS, email or Facebook messenger.


  • The Buyer agrees to allow the Breeder the right to use photographs of the puppy for advertising purposes.


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