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Our Dogs

Emerald Park is home to our five beautiful Border Collies. They are important family members we love very much. We don't go to any special effort when photographing our dogs. They are not washed or brushed, but in their natural farm dog state. No frills, just lovely dogs.


Our male dog is "Jack". He is quite a large, outstanding, tri chocolate boy weighing in at 27 kg. While definitely the alpha of our little canine pack, Jack has a very calm and affectionate nature combined with considerable spunk. He sires beautiful puppies!​


The sweetest of our dogs is "Bess". She is a red and white colour with an unusual sable pattern. Bess is the all round good girl at Emerald Park and weighs 18 kg. She loves cuddles but is not pushy or boisterous. Bessy's life is complete when she is running along beside me with her nose close to my hand. She is extremely agile and also loves chasing birds around our paddocks. Bess is a very good mother: attentive, nurturing but firm. Her puppies have been of beautiful colouring and temperament.​


We often hear that every Border Collie needs a job! This applies particularly to Tilly. She has the strongest herding instinct of all of our dogs. She is a black and white colour with a gorgeous and vibrant personality. Til is very large for a female Border Collie. She has excellent bone structure and weighs almost 27 kg. Tilly is at her happiest when she is guarding the chooks, bringing the horses up for feeds or barrelling the other dogs over in play. She's all about fun, while being highly intelligent and cheeky!!! Tilly, by nature, must excel at every task she is set, so it is no surprise that she is a great mother who produces outstanding puppies.​


Our small, 15 kg black and white pocket rocket is Caly. She is fizz and fire one moment and attentively well mannered the next. When Caly is approximately two, she will return to her breeder to whelp a litter for them, sired by a dog of their choice. She is a beautifully bred bundle of mischief!​


​Misty is our incredibly cute chocolate merle puppy. She is such a cool character! Although displaying all the normal puppy tendencies she has been very trouble free. Her intelligent and level headed manner is quite unusual at her age. We are looking forward to watching Misty grow into a beautiful girl.

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