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Our Puppies

Emerald Park puppies have graced the homes of many happy individuals and families. We are very pleased to introduce those unfamiliar with puppies or Border Collies to the joy they bring. It is essential that our puppies go to suitable homes and we don't mind asking questions to ensure this takes place. While we chose to live on acreage, we understand the adaptability of the Border Collie and have sold puppies to inner city apartments where they are given ample exercise, mental challenges and lots of love.

Life long support is provided by Emerald Park and we love to follow the growth and development of our puppies once they join their new families. We do supply comprehensive information to smooth the transition of puppies to their new homes.

Our puppies experience a wide range of sights and sounds. They are well socialised with other dogs and one cat in particular is the self appointed "Puppy Mentor".

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