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Puppy Diet

We understand that your puppy's diet is a very personal choice, but do advocate a meaty bones and raw food (meat, vegetables, fruit) diet. If you are interested in feeding a raw diet we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. There is also a wealth of information online.


It is best to feed your puppy several small meals a day, gradually reducing to two and eventually possibly one meal per day. Our adult dogs are still fed twice a day, as they are active with a high to medium drive. Most adult dogs are only fed once day. You'll work out what's right for your dog.

We wean our puppies onto: di-vetelact puppy formula, raw meat, cooked vegetables and meaty bones. Lactose free puppy milk is available at most supermarkets and is recommended (but not essential) in gradually reducing amounts until they reach 12 weeks of age.

The following foods are those your puppy will benefit from:

* Chicken frames (base food) * Chicken necks * Chicken wings

* Chicken drumsticks

* Chicken feet * Chicken mince (ground whole frames - including bones) * Lamb brisket bones (soft bones) * Beef, lamb or pork offcuts * Kangaroo meat, mince or tails * Liver (remember offal is rich - feeding small amounts initially helps prevent upset tummies) * Heart * Other offal: kidney, tongue, giblets, brains * Green or black tripe (or tripe powder) * Whole sardines/pilchards - best fed at least a few times a week [a completely balanced meal in proportions] * Eggs [a completely balanced meal in proportions if the shell is also fed] * Vegetables (blitzed or cooked) - pumpkin, sweet potato, spinach, kale, cabbage, carrots, apple, berries, parsley (raw is fine) [Never feed potatoes or tomatoes]. There is debate about whether vegetables should be added to a dog's diet. While they aren't essential, they do add a variety of vitamins if fed appropriately (cooked or blitzed to break the cell walls down for most). * Lactose free puppy milk; goats milk * Canned fish such as tuna or mackerel can be kept in the pantry in case you run out of fresh food.

Raw feeding is interesting and your canine friend will reap the benefits!

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