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Bessy has new puppies!!!!

It is with great pleasure that Emerald Park announces the birth of Bessy & Jack's litter of 8 beautiful, healthy, purebred Border Collie puppies on 24 January 2018!

Our dogs are an important part of our family and Emerald Park has excellent opportunities for exposure to a multitude of stimuli, quality exercise (both in and out of the water) and raw food. We are very aware of the importance of biddable temperament and sound conformation to produce family pets for the long term. The puppies will have personality plus!

The sire and dam are Jack (tri-chocolate) and Bessy (red/white with sable pattern). Both are obedient and highly trainable. The puppies cannot be affected by the hereditary diseases: .CL, CNA and TNS, by parentage. They are healthy, active and robust. More information and photos are available on the Emerald Park Facebook page, on our website or by direct contact.

All puppies will be:

  • Wormed fortnightly.

  • Vaccinated.

  • Microchipped.

  • Vet checked.

  • Weaned to raw food.

  • Supplied with comprehensive information.

  • Require a $100 deposit to secure.

  • Fully invoiced at the time of sale.

Emerald Park is located at Dyers Crossing, near Nabiac in NSW (1.5 hrs from Newcastle).

The price of the puppies is $1,200.

Jack is an outstanding, tri-chocolate colour, while Bessy is athletic with a sable pattern. Both are obedient and highly trainable. Jack is an outgoing, fun-loving, dog of medium drive who loves cuddles. Bessy is very agile, loyal, sweet and a wonderful mother.

Bess is third generation raw food progeny. Jack has eaten a raw diet since 10 weeks of age. We would be very happy to share information and support buyers in this field.

While we do have a preference for our puppies to have access to acreage, we are aware that Border Collies adapt well to apartment living and appropriate lifestyle activities.

We are happy to provide support for our puppies and their owners for their entire lives.

Although we would prefer you to collect your puppy in person, flights or road transport can be arranged.

We support and strictly adhere to the Animal Welfare Code of Practice: Breeding Dogs and Cats.

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