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A Little Advice For New Puppy Families

I've been thinking about some important things you might like to think about during the critical period; up to twelve weeks of age.


There are four important aspects of puppy management that seem like common sense, but it is worth stopping and thinking about them.


Although your puppy has had considerable exposure to friendly dogs of different sizes, colours, coat types etc, it is important to continue with this socialisation. Remember that the more different the friendly dogs look and behave, the better.


If there are things you are going to want your puppy to do as an adult, now is the time to familiarise them with it. For example, if your dog will be accompanying you to work, expose him/her to that experience now. If you will be taking your dog to the beach, start taking him/her now. If your dog will accompany you in a car, start travelling with him/her now. Likewise, if your dog is not going to be sleeping in your bed later on, don't let them now!


While I do recommend that you expose your puppy to as many experiences as possible and reward their positive behaviour, always remember to display caution. Don't allow your puppy to play with a dog that is known to be aggressive. Don't allow your puppy inside unless you have made your home puppy proof. Their little teeth can't distinguish the difference between a power cord and a toy. Always opt for safety!


Your puppy probably needs more rest than you realise. For every hour of play, they require about three hours of rest. Well rested puppies are more functional.

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