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 .... are adorable ..... "we're not just putting puppies on the ground ....... we're putting new relationships into the world! When you see our puppies, you will see the emotional narrative and will understand who we are and why we breed puppies."


Emerald Park puppies have graced the homes of many happy individuals and families. We are very pleased to introduce those unfamiliar with puppies or Border Collies to the joy they bring. It is essential that our puppies go to suitable homes and we don't mind asking questions to ensure this takes place. While we chose to live on acreage, we understand the adaptability of the Border Collie and have sold puppies to inner city apartments where they are given ample exercise, mental challenges and lots of love.

Life long support is provided by Emerald Park and we love to follow the growth and development of our puppies once they join their new families. We do supply comprehensive information to smooth the transition of puppies to their new homes.

Our puppies experience a wide range of sights and sounds. We follow "Puppy Culture" protocols and perform Early Neurological Stimulation plus Early Scent Introduction from day 3 to 16 to produce puppies that grow into dogs who handle stress well. They are well socialised with other dogs and one cat in particular is the self appointed "Puppy Mentor".

It is possible to become part of our breeding program. These puppies are placed with their families when they are 8 weeks old and once they are mature they return to Emerald Park to whelp and raise one litter of puppies before returning to their families for retirement. If you are interested in joining the Emerald Park family as one of our Breeder's Terms families please contact us for more information and benefits.


You can join our waiting list by completing the application form below. 


We require a non-refundable administration fee of $50 to process your application. This can be paid by direct deposit to:

Account name: Donna Williams

BSB: 112 879

Account number: 056 493 254

Reference: your name

Your receipt number will be required in your waiting list application.

In fairness, puppies are placed with families in the order in which they apply. When we arrive at your name on the waiting list you will be offered to choose from the available puppies. If there is not a suitable puppy available or you are not ready for a puppy yet you can remain on the waiting list for our next litter.

It is very important that we are able to contact you when we have puppies available. For this reason we ask for a mobile number so we can send you a text message when we have puppies available. Unfortunately, if we don't received any reply within 48 hours we move onto the next family on the waiting list. We conduct educational programs via both email & Facebook. It is in your best interest to have access to both.

Please be assured that once you have completed and submitted the request form it adds you to our waiting list and also sends me an email confirming your details. I read each and every request personally. On receipt of your application and application fee I will send you a link to our online questionnaire.  If I have any questions about your application I will contact with you via email or text message. Likewise, if you have any questions about our waiting list, prices, our puppies or our upcoming litters please send an email to ( text message or call me on 0439 196 343.

On selection of a puppy the $500 non-refundable deposit is required to be paid into the above bank account. Payment of the balance ($3000) is payable on or prior to collection/transport of the puppy. If payment is to be by direct transfer the transaction must be made at least 3 working days prior, to ensure the funds have cleared prior to the puppy leaving Emerald Park.

Waiting List Application

Thankyou for choosing Emerald Park Border Collies!

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