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Firstly, Emerald Park is our home. It's our sanctuary, where we gather close all the aspects of our lives we love. Our animals, gardens and a non-invasive lifestyle all form an important aspect of this.

When focusing on our dogs, we recognize the following goals:

* Acceptance of our dogs as family first.

* Placing a high standard of ethics as paramount.

* Ensuring the physical and emotional needs of our dogs are well met.

* Maintaining facilities of high standard to enable the effective care and welfare of our dogs and puppies to be excellent.

* Improving the quality of our breeding dogs over time.

* Attempting to enrich our dogs' lives.

* Being totally committed to a fresh food diet.


It is our hope to produce puppies:

* That meet the Border Collie breed standards.

* Of sound physical structure (conformation) to reduce veterinary issues and increase their quality of life in the long term.

* With biddable temperament, suitable for family pets.

* Free from genetic diseases.

* Who will build wonderful relationships with their new families.

* Capable of coping both behaviourally and physically well with stressors.

For our puppy families, we aim to:

* Promote the precious nature of your canine family members.

* Continually improve the type and quality of support provided.

* Keep up with current research and applications of all things "dog" to broaden the range of information and encouragement we supply.

* Always have your puppy/dog's best interest at heart.

* Be available to assist.

* Encourage fresh feeding as a lifelong commitment. 

* Share the joy you experience from your Emerald Park puppy/dog.

* Communicate openly and honestly.

* Provide you with respect and consideration.

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