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There are two vastly different schools of thought regarding vaccination and perhaps a middle ground as well. Unless you have a very good reason, your puppy will be vaccinated on the same day as microchipping (between 6  and 8 weeks of age). A vaccination card will be supplied to you.


There are three major infectious diseases of dogs that are routinely vaccinated for in Australia. Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus are all viral diseases that are included in standard vaccination protocols. These viral diseases are possibly fatal, with treatment regimes that can be difficult, expensive and sometimes unsuccessful. Vaccination is usually an effective means of preventing infection.


Kennel Cough is another viral and bacterial disease that can be vaccinated against. Dogs at high risk are those kennelled or in contact with a large number of other dogs. There is usually requirements regarding this before booking a dog into a kennel.


Vaccination programs vary depending on the type of vaccine used at a veterinary clinic. We recommend that you discuss this with your vet.


Another school of thought is that one vaccination any time after 12 weeks is all that is required. Further vaccination may suppress a dog’s immune system. In this case, keeping the immune system robust through diet is the key.


It is possible to have your dog titre tested by your vet to determine whether subsequent vaccinations are required for some diseases. This is a safe and responsible procedure.


We encourage you to do your own research and make the choice that is best for your dog.

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