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A little piece of paradise


Emerald Park is located at Dyers Crossing in rural NSW. We are fortunate to share this beautiful 20 acre property with five Border Collies, five horses, three cats, chooks and birds of various types. Nestled in a relatively secluded valley; we have five dams, a spring and a creek along our rear boundary.

We are strong advocates of a mainly raw diet for our dogs and the results are evident. It is our desire that the information and support we supply to our buyers will encourage them to continue with predominantly raw feeding. Of course, we always understand and respect the opinions and choices of others.


Our acreage provides ample opportunities for adequate exercise for our dogs and they all love to play with one another, swim in the dams and explore the creek. 

The facilities here include a number of excellent kennels, a fully enclosed puppy playground, a dog yard of approximately half an acre in size and another of close to three quarters of an acre. Whilst it is our preference for our dogs to be loose with us while we are outside, there are times when it is necessary for them to be safely confined.

Puppies enter the world at Emerald Park in a whelping room with ducted air conditioning. They gradually make their way from the whelping room to the puppy kennel and playground. Once old enough, a great deal of time is spent outside playing and sleeping. 

We enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and our dogs do too.


Jimmy - our boy of oriental persuasion.

Sammy - the fluffiest barn cat.

Tommy - our little "boss" cat.

The girls …..

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