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We need to make sure our puppies go to the best of homes. Please copy and paste these questions into an email and send it to us with your answers. It will assist us in our efforts to suit the perfect puppy to each buyer.




Don't be frightened by our questions. We don't expect you to be experienced with puppies or Border Collies, but it does help us to determine the type of puppy and support best suited to your circumstances.

We are completely aware of the adaptability of the Border Collie and would not exclude a potential buyer because they live in an inner city apartment with no yard, were totally unfamiliar with the genetic diseases that can affect Border Collies or because their new family member would reside outside!


Email Address:

Residential Address:

Suburb -

Post Code -

State - 

Contact Numbers:


Have you had a Border Collie Before?

Do you intend on breeding?

If you are going to breed do you have a Prefix, if so what is it?

Who will be responsible for the care of your new puppy?

Tell us about your childhood experience with dogs.

What has your adult experience with dogs been like?

What would your ideal day with your dog be like?

How would you best describe your intended puppy parenting style?

How sociable will you & your dog be together?

What do you most want from having a dog in your life?

Who will share your home with your dog?

How much time will you spend with your dog?

How much exercise will you give your dog?

Will your pup be crated or have a designated area?

What other animals share your home?

What attracted you the Border Collie Breed?

Tell me about your lifestyle and hobbies.

Will the pup / dog be allowed to be inside at all?

Preference of Sex of puppy?

Preferred Coat colour​?

Do you know what Diseases Border Collies are Tested For? 

Explain your House Yard, Size and Fence Type.

When are you requiring your Border Collie?

Will your pup go to puppy school?

Are you willing to give your pup the best life possible, maintain his vaccinations and look out for his health regardless of cost?

If you ever have to consider re homing your Border Collie, are you willing to return her/him to the breeder?


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