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Puppy Raw Feeding Guidelines

Raw Feeding Guideline:


The following percentages are to be aimed for, but it need  only be approximate. It can also balance over time. One meal could contain more offal, one more bone & another more meat. You may choose to feed liver each meal, or once a week ..... in appropriate quantities. 


80% meat, sinew, ligaments, fat
10% edible bone
5% liver
5% other organ meat


For those who like accuracy, there is a great app called "Raw Pet". It is necessary to enter weight,  age in weeks if a puppy and number of meals per day. It proceeds to give the mass of each component that should ideally be fed each meal and per day.


Recommended portion sizes for meals:


The below portions are only guidelines. It is necessary to use some common sense. Border Collies tend to be active puppies ...... some more so than others ..... so you may need to feed a little more to obtain ideal weight gain and maintenance. Some puppies just aren't very food motivated and will only eat what they want. Don't stress. They are all individuals.


For puppies: (some puppies will need more and some will need less)


* under 10 weeks of age - 9% of body weight per day

* 10 - 16 weeks of age - 8% of body weight per day

* 16 - 20 weeks of age - 7% of body weight per day

* 20 -24 weeks of age - 6% of body weight per day

* 24 - 36 weeks of age - 5% of body weight per day

* 36 - 56 weeks of age - 4% of body weight per day

* 56 weeks of age to full size - 3% of body weight per day.


For adult dogs:  (some dogs will need more and some will need less)


Between 2 and 3% of body weight is recommended per day. Remember, you should just be able to feel your dog's ribs when you run your hands over their sides.


How many meals a day?


Puppies under 2 - 4 months - 3 to 4 meals a day. 


Puppies 4 to 6 months - 2 to 3 meals a day.


Puppies over 6 months - 2 meals a day.



Again, all puppies are different and some common sense is required. If they are having too many meals a day they tend to let you know.


One of the important factors contributing to a good raw diet is a variety of different protein types. Dogs usually love variation too.


Some Bone Percentages in Cuts of Meat:




Frame - 44%


Neck (without skin) - 75%


Wing - 46%


Drumstick -27%


Thigh - 21% 


Foot - 60% 




Ribs - 52%


Oxtails - 45 to 65%




Feet - 30%


Tails - 30%


Ribs - 30%

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